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GeoAcoustics Boomer

Geoacoustics Boomer

The GeoPulse Boomer system is the choice for geophysical survey where high seabed penetration is required in deep or shallow water across a broad range of sub-bottom structures.
Industry proven, with thousands of kilometres surveyed, GeoPulse offers a flexible high resolution solution. The system provides up to three times the acoustic energy of conventional profiling systems while operating in very shallow water and in high noise environments. The surface towed acoustic source is easy to deploy and the on-board units are compact and easily installed.

For surveys where even greater penetration is required the GeoPulse Multi-Electrode Sparker Array may be used in place of the Boomer plate but at the expense of some trade-off in resolution.

The system includes the following:

GeoPulse 5420S power supply.
A specially designed power cable is used to connect the 5420S to the source.
An acoustic source which can be either a Boomer plate mounted on a catamaran or a multi-electrode sparker array.
GeoPulse Receiver usually with a Swell Filter Option fitted.
GeoPulse Hydrophone (model 5110A)
Data from the GeoPulse Receiver can be displayed directly onto a wide variety of industry standard graphic recorders. Alternatively the GeoPulse Receiver may be omitted and the output from the GeoPulse Hydrophone may be fed directly into a GeoPro Sonar Processing system for recording and processing.

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