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Coda Octopus F185+ Motion Sensor

CodaOctopus F185+ Motion Sensor

The CodaOctopus F180 series of precision attitude and positioning systems has been expanded to include new variants with enhanced performance to meet the widest range of requirements F185 - with L1/L2 and 1cm RTK capability.
This system is further enhanced to include L1/L2 on the secondary antenna for rapid heading initialisation and improved immunity to drop-out.
The Octopus F185 Attitude & Positioning System creatively reapplies technology originally developed for the high speed, mechanically extreme world of motor racing.

CodaOctopus modifications and enhancements to the light yet robust equipment, designed to meet the punishing demands of the racetrack, have resulted in a simple-to-use, off-the-shelf product that brings accurate positioning and motion data into the most dynamic offshore conditions for precision marine survey applications worldwide.
Using an advanced 23-state Kalman filter to combine the best qualities of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) with those of GPS technology, the F185 delivers noise free, accurate and reliable measurements even during short GPS dropouts - crucial in high multipath conditions or in survey areas such as ports and harbours, riverbanks, near-shore coastal waters and around offshore structures.

Performance of the F185 has been documented and the system tried and tested by leading multibeam manufacturers and survey contractors, who have shown it to deliver the precision and reliability demanded of it. Furthermore, the F185 meets and exceeds IHO (International Hydrographic Organisation) Special Order requirements.

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